Prouty Presents!


A day of outdoor musical performances for the whole family to enjoy!

Saturday, September 25th

Music begins at 11:00 am. Sets are 20-30 minutes each with a short break in between. Come for a few sets or come for the day!


The Pit Mistress Food Truck will be onsite for day selling their delicious BBQ plates, tacos, vegan meals and kid-friendly dishes as well! There will be some light snacks available by donation (granola bars, baked goods, pretzels/chips, bottled water, etc). Visitors are welcome to bring their own beverages (including alcoholic drinks) and blankets/lawn chairs.


There will be field and lawn games for all ages, face-painting and the Bookmobile will onsite for visits and a book giveaway.

This event is FREE. Donations are welcome and all proceeds will be given to the musicians who are volunteering their time and talent for this community event.


*Please note – times are approximate! Performances may begin shortly before or after the posted time. Schedule is also subject to change – check back frequently for updates!*

Unworried Birds

11:00 am

The Unworried Birds are an instrumental musical combo that uses traditional rock-n-roll instruments to provide an atmosphere of warmth and gravity. They have never had a residency, released an album, or collaborated with a well known name.

Ukulele Sisters and Friends

11:40 am

The Ukulele Sisters and Friends is a group of Brattleboro area musicians who have been playing together for over 4 years. The group is spreading joy playing folk music, 70’s music, and anything fun that they lay their eyes and ears on!

The Love Lights

12:30 pm

Lovelight live theater is tribute to the nature of imaginative play. Creating a world within a world for both children and adults, while avoiding the forceful and boisterous demand on attention and inviting peaceful reveries. In this performance, see the garden come to life with musical mushrooms, caterpillars and cocoons, singing flowers and dancing butterflies!

Vermont Jazz Center Sextet

1:00 pm

In 2000 the Vermont Jazz Center Sextet was formed to bring jazz language and culture to youth throughout the state.  Its main mission is to bring jazz to populations who are less exposed to the arts. Current members are Rob Freeberg, trumpet, music director; Bill Ballard, alto saxophone; Jim Heffron, tenor saxophone; Cathy Martin, piano; Jay Elfenbein, bass; Mike Patek, drums.

Two Roads Home

1:40 pm

Two Roads Home is an acoustic folk/singer-songwriter duo. They sing songs of conflict and comfort, old and new, accompanied by acoustic instruments from guitar and banjo, to harmonium and glockenspiel. Harmonizing together is one of their greatest joys. The duo recently relocated from El Cerrito, California to Brattleboro.

Occasional Bliss

2:20 pm

Eclectic acoustic folk & americana. Coretta Bliss and Mike Auerbach have been friends for over fifteen years. Their set features sweet harmonies, eclectic original tunes and many favorites.

Windham Philharmonic

3:00 pm

The Windham Philharmonic lives from the values of beauty, service, love and acceptance, and listening! We are musicians who aspire to listening to one another, also to acknowledging and doing our part to transform the issues and concerns of our communities. We thank and honor our new partner, Winston Prouty, who host our first ever concert as the Windham Philharmonic! We are delighted to present some Dvořák (‘From the New World’); Strauss’ Blue Danube Waltz, and two tunes very appropriate for us Vermonters and our visitors: These Green Mountains; Moonlight in Vermont.

Slow Pony

4:00 pm

Slow Pony is an accordion-centric intense musical expedition: an ever revolving cast–of one to many– that performs music from many far (some no-longer-existing) corners of the globe. They feel passionate about studying and playing musics that are at risk of being forgotten, hoping the audience might remember the lost dances. Whether simple, complex, subdued or feverish, It is their mission to preserve the use of music as a language capable of giving voice to the trials and joys of the human experience. The evocative rhythms and charming melodies of Slow Pony are sure to please and intrigue a wide-range of audiences– from all generations and in many settings.


Holy Basil

5:20 pm

Lauri McNamara’s songs about life, death, cats, crushes, boys, smoochies, sex, the internet, parenting, and love supported by a literal menagerie (Kate Lee, Ted Lee, Willie Lee) of Western Mass experimental/noise heads grooving, rocking, rolling, etc. etc. etc.. These songs may make you laugh and/or feel uncomfortable, but if you can listen to your heart, you might actually learn something.

If Not I Than Who Then

6:00 pm

One human choir, drum-brigade and performance art theater troupe Jonas Fricke brings you radical courage music

This Could Be It

6:40 pm

Born out of a pandemic long-distance experimental recording project among longtime collaborators, This Could Be It emerged as a 3-piece garage rock ensemble with a minimalist twist. Fusing pop and post-punk influences, the trio weaves unexpected sonic textures with storytelling lyrics that reflect life in mid-apocalypse New England.


7:20 pm

Jafala (Jay Cook) play world/electronic/ambient/funk influenced original music. Jafala’s performances take us on a journey with heartfelt energy, danceable grooves, socially conscious lyrics, invented language, world instruments and soulful sound design.


Prouty Presents! is made possible with the generous support from The Melanson Company.