CIS Responsive Nursing

Winston Prouty’s Responsive Nurses provide adaptable home nursing support to pregnant, postpartum, and lactating parents and to children from birth to age 6. Our services are free for families regardless of insurance status. Referrals come from local providers and from the families themselves. We have free telephone translation services available and have worked extensively with families with limited English proficiency to navigate their health priorities.

Pregnancy Care

Wondering how to best set yourself up for successful breastfeeding? Unsure how to connect with local resources to get supplies? Want to build a relationship with someone who can support you in your first days postpartum?

Many expectant parents connect with us before their baby is born to prepare for their baby’s birth. We answer questions about initiating infant feeding, navigating the birth process or parenting, and finding supplies such as car seats, carriers, and pumps. Throughout your pregnancy, we collaborate with your midwifery/OB team to support your health and pregnancy-related knowledge.

Postpartum Care

Not sure your baby is getting enough milk? Feeling overwhelmed? Experiencing pain or engorgement? Not sure how to find everything you need for your family? Trying to promote better sleep? Just have a lot of questions?

Healing from birth while taking care of a newborn is challenging! We work with parents facing too little milk, too much milk, painful lactation, and more to promote your infant feeding goals. We also help families better understand their baby’s cues, promote safe sleep, navigate mood issues, recover from a traumatic birth, and strategize returning to work/school. We help you connect with community supports so that you don’t have to tackle this complex time alone.

Children (ages 0-6 years)

Unsure how to introduce solids or wean? Trouble with potty training? Curious if your child is meeting developmental milestones? Unsure if what your child is doing is normal or concerning?

Raising a child can lead to a lot of questions! We consult on specific questions such as introducing solid foods or dealing with picky eating as well as conducting broader assessments to ensure that your child connects with the support they need to thrive. We collaborate with your pediatric care provider to ensure that you understand your child’s preventative care, treatment, and the milestones of their healthy development.

Autumn Blais, RN, PNP
Sally Pennington, RN, IBCLC
Emma Schneider, RN

To make a referral or if you have any questions, please contact Tonya Kangas, CIS Coordinator:

Phone: (802) 257-2101 x 203
Fax: (802) 258-2413