Board of Trustees


Board Photo Ann Allbee

Ann Allbee, President
Elementary Teacher, Retired
Joined Board in: 2017
Why I serve: Winston Prouty has always provided support to children and their families through the early childhood education program. I feel this is so important and am very happy to be a part of it.

Chris Campany, Vice President
Executive Director, Windham Regional Commission
Joined Board in:  2020

Jenna Bagnall-Reilly

Jenna Bagnall-Reilly, Treasurer
Senior Researcher, TRC
Joined Board in: 2017
Why I serve: To be directly involved in early child care, and to give my support to providing children with a healthy start.

Anna Piergentili, Secretary
Manager of Dining Hall Operations, Amherst College
Joined Board in: 2019


Peter Elwell
Retired Town Manager
Joined Board in: 2022
Why I serve: I am grateful for the opportunity to help sustain the Prouty Center as it is arguably the most positively impactful multi-purpose organization in our community. This would be an exciting time to serve Prouty even if it were simply continuing to be a pre-eminent provider of services to children and families. But Prouty has become so much more than that. First by preserving and improving the former Austine School campus and now by moving boldly toward providing hundreds of units of new housing across the full spectrum of affordability, Prouty is making a transformational impact on the quality of life for individuals, households, and our entire region.

Tom Franks
Self-employed energy sector researcher and consultant
Joined Board in: 2021
Why I serve: I believe in the mission of the organization in terms of community building and providing comprehensive services and I am inspired by the enthusiasm, commitment and positivity of the staff.

Carla Lineback
Director of Alumni & External Engagement, World Learning
Joined Board in: 2021
Why I serve: I grew up in the area and am committed to our local community. I wholeheartedly agree that “the children are our future.”

Kristan Outwater, MD
Pediatrician, Brattleboro Primary Care
Joined Board in: 2021
Why I serve: I am excited to promote the importance of early development to a child’s wellbeing and physical/mental health into adult years.  (Photo courtesy of Brattleboro Memorial Hospital)

Charlotte Traas
Director of Sales Education & Training, New Chapter, Inc
Joined Board in: 2018

Kate Trzaskos
Executive Director, Downtown Brattleboro Alliance
Joined Board in: 2019
Why I serve: I believe in the work that Winston Prouty does and feel this organization is vital to building a healthy community that supports children and families.