New Beginnings Postpartum Wellness & Support Group

As the cooler weather settles in, New Beginnings is taking a break until tent weather returns!

If you are interested in being on an email list to hear about when we start back up, please email

New Beginnings is a way to connect and continue to learn from and lean on each other in the first months of parenting a new child. Each week, we focus on a topic to support your life as a parent. You can swap best practices with fellow parents in the area and get answers to your questions from our maternal child health and lactation professionals.  

Babes in arms and young children are welcome! 

Discussions are facilitated by the Winston Prouty Center for Child and Family Development’s maternal child health nurses Sally Pennington, RNC, IBCLC; Jean Vulte, RN, LC, WHNP; Autumn Blais, RN, PNP; and Emma Schneider, LPN.

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Group Guidelines

New Beginnings is a place to connect, learn, and lean on each other for support. You will hear a range of ideas and possibilities on various topics. Take what works for you. You know yourself and your baby best. We kindly ask that everyone have a chance to speak without interruption. If you have some good advice to offer, please ask first if this is what they want. Sometimes being seen and heard with compassion and understanding is just what they need, what we all need.