CIS Early Intervention

Provides a collaborative system of early Intervention services for children from birth to three years of age who have a developmental delay or a diagnosed condition that has a high probability of resulting in a developmental delay, and their families. It is a family support and child development program with services that take place in inclusive, natural settings including home and early care and education environments. In addition to developmental education, a variety of services including speech and language therapy, physical therapy and nutrition services, etc. can be available as determined by a comprehensive, multidisciplinary and family-centered evaluation process.

CIS Early Intervention program is part of integrated system of support for Vermont families. For other services we provide through our CIS program, click here.

To learn more about Children’s Integrated Services, visit the Vermont Agency of Human Services, Department for Children and Families website.

To make a referral or if you have any questions, please contact Tonya Kangas, CIS Coordinator:

Phone: (802) 257-2101 x 203
Fax: (802) 258-2413