Staff Directory

Administration    802-257-7852

Chloe Learey, Executive Director          ext. 301   chloe (at) winstonprouty (dot) org

Lisa Whitney, Director of Operations    ext. 302   lisa (at) winstonprouty (dot) org

Bridget Goodell, Operations Assistant  ext. 304   bridget (at) winstonprouty (dot) org

Paula Schwartz, Development Assistant               paula (at) winstonprouty (dot) org

Eric Annis, Campus Facilities Manager


Family Supportive Housing    802-258-2414

Emily Clever, Housing Resource Coordinator    ext. 203    emily (at) winstonprouty (dot) org

Crystal Blamy, Family Supportive Housing Coordinator    ext. 201    crystal (at) winstonprouty (dot) org


Children’s Integrated Services (CIS)    802-258-2414

Alison Wheeler, CIS Coordinator    ext. 213          alison (at) winstonprouty (dot) org

Sally Pennington, CIS Nurse    ext. 206          cisnurse1 (at) gmail (dot) com

Terrill Douglas, CIS Nurse    ext. 211          cisnurse2 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Kellyn McCullough, CIS Family Support     ext. 305     kellyn (at) winstonprouty (dot) org

Willie Gussin, CIS Family Support     ext. 303     willie (at) winstonprouty (dot) org

Kerri Beebe, CIS Family Support/Family Supportive Housing     ext. 204     kerri (at) winstonprouty (dot) org

Maura Shader & Jennifer Emerson, CIS Early Childhood & Family Health (ECFMH)   ext. 202


CIS Early Intervention    802-258-2414

Mary Coogan, Early Interventionist      ext. 209     mary (at) winstonprouty (dot) org

Kathy Hallock, Developmental Educator      ext. 219     kathy (at) winstonprouty (dot) org

Lisa Adams, Developmental Educator      ext. 224     ladams (at) winstonprouty (dot) org

Joanne Shaw, Community Resource Parent      ext. 208     joanne (at) winstonprouty (dot) org

Brandy Levesque, CIS Consultation & Education, ECFMH      ext. 228       brandy (at) winstonprouty (dot) org

Ellen Ostrander, Early Interventionist      ext. 227    ellen (at) winstonprouty (dot) org

Megan Seidner, Early Interventionist      ext. 226

Shawn Lund, Consultation & Education Specialist ext. 216 shawn (at) winstonprouty (dot) org


Child Care Support Services    802-257-7852

Tonya Kangas, CIS Child Care Coordinator    ext. 312     tonya (at) winstonprouty (dot) org

RoseAnn Grimes, Referral & Eligibility Specialist    ext. 313      roseann (at) winstonprouty (dot) org

Jeanna Genest, Eligibility Specialist    ext. 311      jeanna (at) winstonprouty (dot) org


Early Learning Center    802-257-2101

Kimberley Paquette, ELC Program Coordinator        ext. 306         kim (at) winstonprouty (dot) org

Angela Hoag, ELC Administrative Coordinator         ext. 210         angela (at) winstonprouty (dot) org

Acorn Room (Infant)             ext. 218      nancy (at) winstonprouty (dot) org
Nancy McMahon, Michelle Goodwin and Mandi Martin

Elm Room (EL1)                    ext. 207      susan (at) winstonprouty (dot) org
Susan Heimer and Allie Barret

Maple Room (EL2)                ext. 205      amy (at) winstonprouty (dot) org
Amy Fulton and Mindy Brennan

Oak Room (EL3)                    ext. 217       kim (at) winstonprouty (dot) org
Sarah Bemis and Lorraine Gilman

Birch Room (EL4)                  ext. 220       brandy (at) winstonprouty (dot) org
Brandy Levesque, Kim Jacques and Alfred Hughes

Floating Teachers:  Kathy Wright, Lyn Call, Alyssa Kelly, Sara Fradkin, Jamie Champney

Willow Room (Flexible Classroom)           ext. 212