ChloeName:  Chloe Learey, Executive Director

Background/Credentials: MBA/MPH

Years on staff: 10

Why do you work at the Prouty Center? I feel honored to work with people who care deeply about what we do and to work at an organization that makes a positive and lasting impact on the lives of families and children.

LisaName:  Lisa Whitney, Director of Operations

Background/Credentials: BS, Social Work

Years on staff: 3

Why do you work at the Prouty Center? I work at the Prouty because of the hardworking and knowledgeable staff as well as the wonderful children and families we serve. I am proud to be part of an organization with inclusion, learning collaboration and persistence as its core values and am thrilled to be part of a team that serves children and families in my home community!

Name:  Alison Wheeler, CIS Coordinator

Background/Credentials: BS, Psychology, Minor, Sociology

Years on staff: 7

Why do you work at the Prouty Center? I love working as part of a team and I believe strongly in the mission and values held here at Prouty. The work we are doing is both rewarding and challenging, and I feel very blessed to work with a team that is dedicated and passionate about helping the families of our community.


Name:  Mary Coogan, Early Interventionist

Background/Credentials: MS, Physical Therapy, Brazelton Touchpoints Instructor since 2001

Years on staff: 16

Why do you work at the Prouty Center? I had been working for many years as a pediatric Physical Therapist in a variety of settings, and had grown weary of hearing parents describe their child in terms of diagnoses and services they needed. If I asked them to tell me about their child, many would say things like that he needed PT 2x/week or that she had tight heel cords, etc. Many were surprised to learn that I was more interested in learning about his favorite song or her favorite game! I began to realize that I was not particularly interested in defining a child by diagnosis or need, but wanted to join parents as they learned how their child made sense of the world. It was important to me that they learned right away the unique qualities and competencies of their child, so that they could be joyful and confident in parenting. And I wanted to do that in a place that celebrated the active participation and engagement of ALL children in the meaningful social, play and learning routines of their day. The philosophy and mission of The Winston Prouty Center for Child Development seemed a goof fit. And it has been…



Name:  Sally Pennington, CIS Nurse

Background/Credentials: RN/IBCLC

Years on staff: 6

Why do you work at the Prouty Center? I am a Maternal Child Health Nurse and Lactation Consultant, my job is to help and support new moms and babies get off to a great start!


KellynName:  Kellyn McCullough, CIS Family Support

Background/Credentials: MSW

Years on staff: 3

Why do you work at the Prouty Center? After moving to Brattleboro in June of 2014, I was looking to work at a place that nurtured and supported families in a collaborative way. At the Prouty Center I found exactly that! I came to Vermont from Wisconsin with a background in social work knowing that working with children and families is where I wanted to be because there is so much need to be faced, growth to foster, and transformation to be seen. I love being a small part of people’s lives as they face life’s challenges and joys!


Name: Alfred Hughes, Jr., Teacher – EL3

Background/Credentials: CDA, Graduate, Harkness House for Ballet Arts, NYC

Years on staff: 15 years

Why do you work at the Prouty Center? I more than enjoy my work. I make children’s voices heard.  I was told growing up that “children should be seen and not heard” and I have become an advocate for children’s voices “say what you need to say.” Working at the Prouty Center, I have been able to create and teach a yoga program, a two-wheeler bicycle program for 2-5 year olds, and have supervised numerous summer programs.