Prouty Parent-Baby Group

New Time: Wednesdays 11am-12pm with a BYO picnic to follow, light refreshments provided

Where: Under the white tent by the climbing wall (inside Thomas Hall if raining) 

Every week, we’ll have a professional scale available for weighing your baby and a lactation-trained nurse available to help you troubleshoot. 

June 5th: Baby Massage 

Bring a towel and your favorite massage oil (we’ll have some, too) for a relaxing day at the baby spa! We’ll help calm the babies down with a gentle guided massage and share some of our other favorite soothing techniques. 

June 12th: Write your Birth or Baby Story

It’s easy to have the days fly by without having a chance to write our stories down. We’ll use our time together to take turns writing down a few memories while they’re fresh, whether as letters to baby or for our own healing. 

June 19th: Postpartum Genecology Q&A

Lindsay Smith, CNM, joins us to answer questions about the changing landscape of hormones postpartum and how they relate to everything from mood to hair loss to sex.

June 26th: Baby-led Weaning

Sally Pennington joins us to answer questions about a wonderful, messy adventure: introducing solids! We’ll talk about navigating allergens, favorite early foods, choking v. gagging, and more. 

No baby yet? Feel free to come meet other new parents on your own or join us for the Prouty Pregnancy Group on second Saturdays at 10:30am! 

The Prouty Parent-Baby Group is a way to connect and to learn from and lean on each other while parenting a new child. Each week, we focus on a topic to support your life as a parent.

  • Swap best practices with fellow parents in the area
  • Get answers to your questions from our maternal child health and lactation professionals
  • Find out your baby’s weight or how much they’ve eaten during a feed using our infant scale
  • Watch babies learn to smile at each other

Babes in arms and young children are welcome! Light snacks are provided.  

Discussions are facilitated by the Winston Prouty Center for Child and Family Development’s maternal child health nurses Sally Pennington, RNC, IBCLC; Autumn Blais, RN, PNP; and Emma Schneider, RN.

Have questions?  Email at

Previous topics

  • Back to the Basics: Fun Ways to Promote Health Development, with Sandy Stark from Early Education Services
  • When will they…? – Child Development Q&A with Nancy McMahon, Winston Prouty Center
  • Yoga with Baby! Try out a yoga with baby sampler with perinatal yoga specialist Melissa Boyles.
  • Understanding and Healing Your Postpartum Body with Pelvic Floor PT
  • Infant Dental Health
  • Before, During, and After: Preparation and Support for Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum
  • Infant Safety Q&A 
  • Navigating the Holidays + Baby Print Card Art! 
  • Reading and Library Fun 
  • Navigating Family Relationships with Nancy Wohl
  • Baby Led Weaning with Sally Pennington
  • Sleep Q&A with Axis Monet
  • Pumping, Bottles, and Beyond with Sally Pennington
  • Attachment and Co-Parenting with Hayley Rowland
  • Resources for Kids! with Sandy Stark
  • Reflections on Birthing in Our Community with Deb Kitzmiller, Vermont Department of Health
  • Transitioning to Childcare with Laura Beatty, Child Care Referral Specialist
  • Potty Training with Manzi Wilde
  • Helping Baby Sleep with Sally Pennington, RN, IBCLC
  • How Lactation Adapts with Sally Pennington, RN, IBCLC
  • Methods for Relieving Stress with Emma Schneider, RN
  • Ask a Pediatrician with Dr. Susan Slowinski

Group Guidelines

Prouty Parent-Baby Group is a place to connect, learn, and lean on each other for support. You will hear a range of ideas and possibilities on various topics. Take what works for you. You know yourself and your baby best. We kindly ask that everyone have a chance to speak without interruption. If you have some good advice to offer, please ask first if this is what they want. Sometimes being seen and heard with compassion and understanding is just what they need, what we all need.