The Child Care Counts Coalition is dedicated to stabilizing and increasing the number of available slots for high quality child care in Windham County. Recognizing that access to child care is a critical economic and workforce development issue, we seek to engage a broad range of partners invested in the issue.

Today the majority of children live in a household were all parents are also working. For today’s workers, access to high-quality affordable child care is critical to stay in the workforce, to be productive, to continue to gain necessary skills a nd be successful in their careers.

Quality early care and learning programs prepare the workforce of tomorrow forming the foundation for future social, academic and economic success. Businesses that support the care needs of their workers are better able to attract and retain talent and have a more productive workforce. Finally, the public return on investment for our community is an extremely high $16.00 for every $1.00 spent. It is wise investment with returns in the form of reduced crime and incarceration rates, increased tax revenue, more effective public schools, improved personal and public health and a more educated skilled citizens.

The business community has an important role to play in propelling high-quality child care to the top of the agenda when it comes to smart public and private investments to strengthen the workforce of today and tomorrow.

Our voices have the power to change the game. The public- sector prides itself on being nimble and innovative – we mist seize the opportunity to use our influence, voices and leadership to change the way our community and our nation approaches child care.

Members of Child Care Counts include: 
  • Winston Prouty Center for Child and Family Development
  • Brattleboro Downtown Alliance
  • The Vermont Association of Business Industry and Rehabilitation
  • Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation
  • Brattleboro Memorial Hospital
  • Thrive, LLC
  • Windham Regional Career Center
  • Community College of Vermont
  • United Way of Windham County

In May of 2018, the coalition distributed surveys to working families and local employers throughout Windham County to help guide their efforts. Click the link below for the survey results:

CCC Survey Results