Rocking Horse support group begins April 20

Rocking Horse is a free all-women group for women impacted by substance use (their own, or their partner’s or family’s). It’s a chance to get together with other women who understand similar challenges, and to offer support and strategies to overcoming the challenges of substance use and raising a family.

The group helps women understand the risks associated with substance use behavior and introduces strategies to overcome the challenges of substance use and raising a family. The program is designed to provide knowledge, build skills, and offer a safe and caring climate for pregnant and parenting women. Child care and meals are provided during program sessions. 

The program focuses on four major areas of substance use:

  1.  Substance use and women’s health
  2.  Substance use and relationships
  3.  Effects of substance use in the family
  4.  Influence of substance use on life troubles and management

Rocking Horse participants have reported positive changes from the program, including:

  • Decreased binge drinking 
  • Increased ability to cope with stress
  • Increased sense of social support
  • Success in reducing relationship challenges

Note:  This is a Support Group, not a treatment group nor a parenting group. 

The group meets virtually from 11:00 – 1:00pm for 10 sessions starting April 20th.

to register, contact Isabel Ruiz or Madeline Russo