2023 Annual Appeal

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Dear Friends,

What does it mean to be responsive to community needs?

It means stepping up sometimes even when it is not your job. It means collaborating with diverse organizations to get traction on our most challenging community issues. It means understanding the larger systems in which you operate and how you fit into the bigger picture. It means thinking creatively. It means being willing to change.

This is how we work at Winston Prouty. We understand that supporting children and families to be successful requires us to participate in the larger community, contributing what we can to help make it a better place for us all. A thriving community helps us fulfill our mission.

We also need help from the community. Your support makes it possible for us to provide a constellation of services to families with young children, including some you may not know about:

  • Nurse home visiting services to families who are expecting or have recently had a baby
  • Supervised visits for families who are going through custody issues
  • Access to financial aid for child care
  • Support for families who are or have recently experienced homelessness
  • Behavior support and consultation in family’s homes and child care programs

We strive to ensure our programs are responding to real needs, not doing them because it is “what we’ve always done.” We pay attention to what’s happening in the community, seek feedback, reflect on our work, and adapt when we need to. This is how we build a better world.

Your donation makes a profound difference in our work, thank you for being a part of making it possible.

Carla Lineback, Board President

Chloe Learey, Executive Director