Test for Tots to begin soon

The State of Vermont announced a program to provide antigen tests to all regulated child care programs to allow families and staff to take tests in the event that at positive COVID case is detected. Test kits will be distributed on an ongoing basis directly from the state to the programs. Tests will be for ages children 2 and up. More details about the program is expected early next week. Read the statement from the VT Department for Children and Families HERE.

The announcement of this program may be due in part to the recent advocacy of Vermont early educators and families who were calling for the state to provide tests to children ages 0-4, justas they had for school-age children when returning from winter break. Read about local media coverage of these efforts:

To show your support of this effort and future commitments to prioritizing the safety of young children across Vermont, view and sign the “Petition for Free Covid-19 testing ages 0-4